Taste Travelling Through Altai

One should starts his aquaintance with the region with honey, cheese, berries.
Nature, food traditions, hospitality are the main factors of local gastronomic tourism. One can taste local products during usual trip and rural, regional, town holidays which are held in the region very often.
"Cheese holiday", "Forum ATR", tourist's exhibition "AltaiTour. AltaiResort", "Day of Tourism On "Biruzovaya Katun'", "AltaiFest", rural festivals and days of honey and apples, the holiday of cucumber are famous far beyond the borders of the region. The main regions where gastronomic tourism is well developed are situated through routes "Minor Golden Ring of Altai" and "Grand Golden Ring of Altai".
Altai Kray is rich in tillages, where buckwheat, wheat, sunflower and other cultures grow. Natural, pollution-free raw materials allow to produce health-giving and functional products. Vegetable juices, sea-buckthorn oil and juice, balsams, drinking water, kashas of linseeds, "alive kashas" of sprouted grains and other, all of these things are produced in Altai and tourists have the opportunity to taste them. Honey and cheese are pride of the region.

Altai Honey

Altai honey is popular far beyond the borders of the region. Firstly, it is very different as Altai itself. Motley grass of foothills of Charyshskiy, Smolenskiy districts present light honey. Steppe areas have darker sorts. Meadow and mountain herbs give unique sorts of honey. Some apiaries are situated near tourist's objects that is why guests have the opportunity to see the production of honey and taste it.

Cheese Region

Altai Kray is a leader of Russian cheese region. And not only in volume of output. Peculiar properties of production guarantee high quality of raw materials- milk. Cheeses grow ripe at small factories, there are several tens of them in the region.Karaguzhiskie cheeses are very popular among tourists.Guests can taste there wonderful cheese vareniks, the secret of which is kept thoroughly.

Berry Tours

Guest houses of Altai Kray are situated near berry places. The variety of berries is so great that every year forests, fields and foothills give rich harvest. For example, this year there was unheard-of harvest of strawberries.

Hosts of the houses know the places with berries very well and they show them for tourists. Almost every district of Altai Kray is rich in berries, mushrooms, medicinal herbs. The best harvest of them can be picked in Altaiskiy, Tal'menskiy, Zmeinogorskiy, Pervomaiskiy districts. Usually such berry routes are especially essential among citizens who have no opportunity to get to nature.

Yasim Mushy Graduate Of Lozanskaya School Of Hotel Management, Guest Of Altai Kray
-Tourists are always interested in cuisine and products of the country they visit. Natural products and dishes is the modern tendency. Everything can be found in Altai. It is a very perspective tendency. I and our group ate your pie-medovik with great plesure. We also like sea-buckthorn, fruit drinks from local berries, river fish, vegetables.
Experts Of
Buckwheat "Altaiskaya skazka", cheese "Kiprino", sweets from Barnaul fabric were in a number of winners of prestige television marathon. This time the leader of voting was production of Altai commodity producer "Ul'egrad".
By tradition national tasters appreciated the production of six trade marks, among which there was flower honey gathered in Altai Kray. As the result of voting Altai production was included in final of program "Kontrol'naya Zakupka"("Control purchase"-TV program in Russia where the best productions of the country are chosen by voting)
Finally expert of Test Centre Ol'ga Usova explained that the quality of honey depends on the quantity of sucrose. Investigations showed  that Altai honey has less sucrose in its structure.

Every Six Kebbuck Is Produced In Altai Kray
Altai Kray produces nearly one and a half tones of milk per year, a half of that milk is used as a raw material for cheesemaking industry. Every six kebbuck in Russia is produced in Altai Kray,  in Russia there are produced one pound of honey per preson during the year.