Ski Routes Of Altai Kray For Beginners And Professionals

Ski season in Altai Kray opens in the beginning of December and closes in the end of March. Routes are situated in picturesque corners of the region: surrounded by mountains, forests, locked lakes and rivers...There are 12 places today where one who like skiing can have a rest.The most popular are in foothills (Smolenskiy, Altaiskiy districts) and near large towns-Barnaul and Biysk.  Thus we offer to acquaint with large routes of Altai Kray, moving from one to another, from the top as it is happen during skiing slope.

Skiing complex

Route (extension/ Overfall of Heights)

Places For Accomodation

Additional Opportunities For Rest, Education


Tserkovka 2600, Blagodat' 1350


Altai-West 830

hotel "Blagodat'"(and a lot of hotels, health centres ofthe resort)

developed infrastructure of town-resort (accommodation, transfer, leisure), instructor's service, health improving service, rent of equipment)

Biruzovaya Katun'(Altaiskiy district)

Complex route(900)

Average complexity (1000)

Educational slope(1500)

Separate route for snowboarding

hotels, inns, cottages, tourist's complexes

excursions (in Tavdinskiye caves; to habitats of wild marals), trips by horses, services of instructors , rent of equipment.


three slopes:

First 1379

Second 800

Third 600

recreation centre (2 hotel building)

instructor's service, excursions to stag breeding farm, health improving service, rent of equipment


Three routes:

520, 450,680

hotels of town

instructor's service, excursions to stag breeding farm, health improving service, rent of equipment



health centre «Rassvety nad Biyey», hotels of town

instructor's service, excursions to stag breeding farm, health improving service, rent of equipment


4 routes with extension 330,
snowboard park

hotels of town, hotel «Aval'man»

there is children's -youth olympic school "Gornye Lyzhi", for children from 4-5 years. Instructor's service, rent of equipment

Сноубордисты на трассах г_318.jpg


 Belokurikha  and its ski complex "Blagodat'"are the Mecca of ski tourism and sport.

Slopes "Blagodat'", "Katun'" are good for beginners and skiers of middle level. The route "Altai-West" is ideal for children.

There is a ski school for beginners. Instructors give lessons by the study of  skiing ans snowboarding.

The age of students is from 4 years. There is an individual teaching, express course and lessons in groups.

There are some routes in Belokurikha which by its level of complexity are only for amateur skiers.

Winter in Belokurikha is the mildest comparing with the other areas of the region.

The temperature of air is on average from -10 Cº to -20 Cº

Rich snow covering and the opportunity of artificial snowmaking make the routes perfect and independent from freaks of nature.

Russian sporstmen choose Belokurikha for trainings very often.


Biruzovaya Katun'

One more place for amateurs of ski slopes is Biruzovaya Katun'.

It is the only economic all-the-year-round  zone of tourist-recreational type in Russia.

It is the most popular place in winter- these are 3 ski slopes. They are equipped with rope and children's lifts.

The routes are attractive not only by its perfect service, but also by its impresive panoramas, which open at the Katun' valley when descending.

Three routes of different level of complexity work here.

The first one is for the professionals of high level, the second-the middle, and also educational slope for the beginners.

 The routes are equipped with lifts, lightning, the slopes are regulary being prepared for skiing with special technics.

There is an opportunity for off-the-route skiing for those who like extreme and wild nature.

There is hire of neccessary inventory, cafe, instructors' service.

IMG_1014_318 змеин.jpg


There is a ski complex at the edge of Zmeinogorsk called "Zmeiniogorsk".

These are three ski routes of different type of complexity, equipped with lifts.

The town is surrounded by mountains and quaint  rocks and even covered with snow, they keep surprising tourists.

Besides traditional winter fun - skiing, sledging, "plushkas" driving, snowboarding-vacationists can aquaint with interesting history of stone-cutting and Rudniy Altai.

Exactly in these places began the developing of the region.

DSC_0107_318  веселая.jpg

Mountain Veselaya

Mountain Veselaya (Cheerful) is situated on the left bank of the river Katun', not far from village Aya in five kilometers from Ayskiy bridge.

 It is not only cheerful, but also very romantic: wonderful views open on the river Katun' and montain ridge Altai from the top.

"Veselaya" has one route with two slopes, equipped with rope lift, lighted up with the beginning of twillight and darkness.

There are sledge lift, ice-hill for descending on rugs.

r002-003_318 бийск.jpg

Rassvety Nad Biyey

There is one more large ski route in Biyskiy district near health centre "Rassvety nad Biyey"

Local slopes are comfortable for skiing for people of different ages and level of grounding and it means they are ideal for family rest.

Some of them are equipped with lifts for sledging etc.


38 skiing routes function on the territory of Altai Kray. The length of them is from 250 m to 2500m and the overfall of heights is from 75 m to 550m.

Rent Of Patten , Snowboards, Cost Of Lift Service

Average cost of ski or snowboard rental is 150 rubles per hour. The system of payment is the following: more time you drive, less you pay per hour.

The most advantageous is a rent for whole day-about 600 rubles. There are season tickets in large complexes.

The rent in the period from Monday to Thursday costs less than from Friday to weekend. All these principles are functioning for lifts too.