• Sculptural Group «Siberian Guerillas», Established In Village Chistun’ka in Altai Kray. Sculptor Prokopiy Shchetinin
  • Monument “Proshchanie Slav’yanki” in Village Beloglazovo of Altai Kray. Sculptor Aleksey Dronov

23 Of February. Motherland Defender's Day

Every generation promises to remember their defenders eternally. But decades pass and wounds will be cicatrized, books will be decayed, the winf of change leafs through and open a new page of the history. However humanity learned to protect heroes from oblivion: there are monuments in towns and villages, museums are open. Modern tourism is more an more sated with past, the threat of tourist's routes is interlaced with stories of soldiers of those times.

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Fortresses. Defenders Of New Territories.

Russian goverment of the beginning of the 18 century enlarged the territory and moved to the East. It was very important not only to develop new lands, but also to keep them. One of the advanced posts protecting Russia from incursion of Dzungar's and Kalmyks, - Biakatunskaya fortress.

In 1710 Dzungar's directed at it three-thousands armies. Eighty soldiers with limited stocks of ammunition resisted the enemy, but forces were unequal and on the third day of siege Dzungar's took the fortress, and survivors were captured. The cannons of Biyskaya fortress are the witnesses of many battles, they are included in tourist's excursions and routes.


 Cossacks. Defnders Of Mountain Mining.

Altai Kray started with the mining and the processing of ores, stone-cutting. For the protection of factories, springs, workers there was created defensive Kolyvan'-Kuznetskaya line. It streched from modern Novokuznetsk to Ust'-Kamenogorsk.

There were fortresses, redoubts, lighthouses on which served Cossacks. At the moment Cossacks of Altai are combined into Altai Cossack's society including 24 town, stanitsa and khutor Cossack's societies. In the region there was worked out tourist's route Kazach'ya podkova in Altai, telling about the history, way of life, customs and holidays of Cossacks.


Guerrillas. Defenders Of Revolution.

Siberia was involved in revoltuion in 1917 not less than in the revolution of 2 August,1919 in the region broke out the revolt of Zimninskiy's guerrillas, started from the liberation of the region from Kolchaks.

In honour of the distant events of 1954 there was established sculptural group "Siberian guerrillas". It is mentioned in the number of famous and important for the history of Siberia monuments in the book "The Monuments of Siberia". Through these places passed the expedition in august 2013, making the new tourist's route.

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Soldiers. Defenders With Weapon In Hands.

If you want peace be ready for war. It means that the goverment having perfect weapon can guarantee peace to its citizens.

Such strong and perfectly armed our Motherland is due to Michael Kalashnikov. Kur'inskiy district of Altai Kray is the Motherland of the general engineer Michael Timofeevich Kalashnikov, double hero of socialist labour, the laureate of Stalin's and Lenin's prizes, hero of Russian Federation, cavalier of the Order of St.Andrey Pervozvanny.

The weapon of Kalashnikov has been in service of Russian army during 60 years. His museum was opened in Altai Kray in 2009 to 90th anniversary of the engineer.


Women. Defenders In Rear.

Unique monument "Proshchanie slavyanki" (Farewell of Slavic woman) is situated in Shipunovskiy district in village Beloglazovo. It was establishe by a local inhabitant, the member of the Great Patriotic War Aleksey Georgievich Dronov on his personal funds.

The monument was established on 22 June 2001 on Poklonnaya Gora. It is a memorial to woman- toiler of wartime. On the base there is a phrase "I am a horse, I am a bull, I am a woman and a man". In the center there is a figure of a grieving woman who just has received a death notification during her work. Near it there is a gravestone with notes to the melody "Proshchanie slavyanki"

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The information was prepared by Evgeniya Maltseva , Anna Artsueva, Mariya Shebalina, Alexandra Kochetkova