Rozhdestvenskiye Readings

Rozhdestvenskiye reedings are the events devoted to the compatriot- the poet Robert Rozhdestvenskiy. The reedings take place during two days: they are held in the State Museum of the History of Literature, Art and Culture of Altai. They continue in the small homeland of the poet in village Kosikha, in July.

The main events of the holiday take place in a very beautiful place of the village Yar Lubvi (Ravine of Love). It is interregional festival of creative teams of Altai, poetic festival, sports tournaments, the presentation of municipal literary prize on behalf of Rozhdestvenskiy. The program ends with folk festivals and celebratory salute.

Biography Of Poet

Rozdestvenskiy Robert Ivanovich (1932-1994) - Russian soviet poet. He was born in village Kosikha of Altai Kray in the family of military man. His parents went to the front, he was brought up in children's home. In 1950-1951 studied in Petrozavodskoy University in philological department, then in 1951-1956 in Literary Institute.

Some of his works were set to music.The first Memorial Museum of Robert Rozdestvenskiy in Russia was opened  in 2012 .

There are presented more than 200 items in the hall devoted to the poet. They are connected with different periods of life of Robert Ivanovich. Family photos, correspondence of Rozhdestvenskiy, records with  songs to his poems. All the items were presented to the museum by the relatives of the poet from Moscow- the wife and the daughter. Among the exhibits there are rarities - the table and the mirror with the whatnot of Robert Ivanovich. They moved to Kosikha from Omsk. They were given to the museum by Rozhdestvenskiy's niece.