Medoviy Spas

Over one hundred of bee keepers and processing industries of the region present their products in the festival “Medoviy Spas” in Altai. Guests can choose products according to their taste during several weeks. Daily several fairs work in Barnaul: in front of the Center of sports and entertainment (93 Sotsialisticheskiy Street), and in front of show-center “Kolizey” (36 Krasnoarmeiskiy Street).

First Honey Region

The president of Altai Regional Legislative Assembley Ivan Loor:

-Every year this holiday gathers scopes, rise the quality of production, every citizen  nowadays has the opportunity to taste and buy it. Altai Kray is in the number of the first regions in Siberian federal district which passed the law about beekeeping. Now this branch is one of the leading among the branches of stock-breeding: these are thousands of jobsites, qualitative production. Besides, honey is a brand of Altai Kray.
Bekeeping Of Altai

Beekeeping of Altai is one of the largest in the country. By its volume of   honey in 2012 the region occupies the third place in Russia, the first one in Siberian federal district. More than 30 enterprises processing honey and bees output function now in the region, over 200 denominations of production on the basis of honey is delivered to Russian markets. Beekeeping is one of the most important trends in the development of the small-scale business, at improving employment and the quality of rural population life.