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Coming Soon Events Of New Tourist's Season

Winter recedes taking away beautiful moments of winter entertainment: skiing, skating and sledges but there is no need to be sad. For active and those who seek the most interesting things start. So the first review of the nearest coming events which open summer tourist's season in Altai Kray.

1. International festival of festivals "Siberian Maslenitsa"


Festival will held from 24 February to 1 March. Guests will see public festivals, fair, equestrian holiday, games, competitions, maslenitsa's fun. On the base of tourist-entertaining complex "Sibirskoe podvor'e" in Smolenskiy district.

Thousands of guests gather at the holiday from all over Altai Kray, regions of Russia and from abroad etc. In 2014 guests from Italy, France, China, Southern Korea and so on visited Maslenitsa. The event was large-scale. During the week there were international gastronomic fair "Pir goroy"( Sumptuous feast), open festival of new geo-ethnographic movie "Serdtse Mira"(The Heart of the World), interregional equestrian holiday "Zoloto Altaya"(The Gold of Altai) and wide public festivals in best Russian traditions of the beginning of the past century.

In the limits of interregional equestrian holiday "Zoloto Altaya" took place spectacular competitions with the participation of foreign jockeys. The highlight of the program of competitions - heats of Russian troikas formed from thoroghbred

The entrance to the holiday: 100 rubles, the ticket includes tasting and lottery.

2. IV Regional specialized exhibition "AltaiTour. AltaiResort -2014"


Exhibition take place from 29 to 30 April on the territory of "Sibirskoe podvor'e" in Smolenskiy district.

It helds in the limits of Altai international tourist's forum "VISIT ALTAI". The aim of the exhibition is the demonstration of tourist's potential of the region. Here are presented the best achievements of tourist's industry, new tourist's routes and projects everything that attract not only professionals but tourists and those wo love travelling.

There are masterclasses, seminars, gastronomic fair with tasty of production of Altai Kray, fair-sale of productions, souvenirs, vast concert program, fireworks etc. In the previous year tourist's opportunities of the region at the exhibition were presented the exhibitions of the districts of the region, craftsmen, tour operators etc. In general about 200 exhibits.

3. Holiday "Flowering of Maralnik"

Цветение маральника Зеленин_318).jpgЦветение маральника Сулоев 318.jpg

Holiday helds from 30April to 1 May. Altai Kray is one of the places where one can enjoy this unforgettable show. In 2014 the holiday "The Flowering of Maralnik" is included in the program of Altai international tourist's forum "VISIT ALTAI". The opening of the holiday is on 30 of April in "Sibirskoe podvor'e" in Novotyryshkino, the second day is in "Biruzovaya Katun'"

Holiday program includes masterclasses and exhibition-fair of craftsmen, the producers of production from horns, production of beekeeping, which will be accompined with the performance of olklore ensemble, also cultural and entertainment program is expected.

Photo Sergey Zelenin, Sergey Suloev

4. Day Of Russia On "Biruzovaya Katun'"


.Interregional festival of national cultures held on 12 June on the territory of special economic zone "Biruzovaya Katun'". In its program the regional festival of Russian folklore "Drevo", "I proud of you Altai!", creative meeting of ethnocultural associations; "Alive handicraft", exhibition-fair; creative labaratory oftraditional folklore forms; exhibition-presentation of ethnocultural associations; holiday concert devotedto the Day of Russia "Day of Russia on Biruzovaya Katun'"

At regional exhibition-fair "Alive handicraft" everbody who wishes may become acquianted with different types of traditional people's games, dances, round dancesfesticuffs and brave fun, try dishes o national cuisine, become acquianted with traditional costume of Altai peoples.

The festival of traditional culture ends holiday concert "The Day of Russia on Biruzovaya Katun'", on which the best collectives of Altai, guests of the festival from different towns of Russia  take part.