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Cheese Celebration

International Cheese Celebration takes place in Altai annually. It started in 2008 and has been successfully held for six years. Guests have a chance to attend different interesting events: presentations of cheese products, sampling of tasty cheeses and wines, work of “Cheese cafe” and selling of unique cheeses on “Cheese bazaar”. Every year a big children animation program is organized, too.

Altai Krai can be called the capital of cheese making. Cheese products of the region are famous all over Russia and abroad. Altai produces one tenth of the cheese production in Russia. A great fame of Altai cheese was brought by such elite cheese brands as “Altaiskiy”, “Swiss”, “Sovetskiy”, “Gorniy”.

Altai Krai has become the platform of International school of cheese making. It will be created within the framework of the agreement between the administration of the region and regional council of Franche Comte of the French Republic. They plan to organize scientific research, the introduction of modern technologies including nanotechnology and the production of innovative products. The establishment will provide its visitors with educational service and the issue of state documents.


History of Cheese Industry

The history of  cheese industry in Altai is more than 100 years old. The first industrial cheese diaries appeared in Altai in the beginning of the XX century. Many famous elite sorts of cheese appeared in Altai. Unique natural conditions - soil, grass of foothills, air-give the unique raw material. Milk of Altai cows is rich for useful substances, has a particular flavor and good coagulability.

The first cheese diaries were built before the Soviet goverment. There were small enterprises of the manual labour, producing the high quality outlet. The bright  corroboration of this fact is that Altai cheeses of those times were exported. The cheese "Chedder" was very popular in England. Further appeared "Dutch", "Swiss". The production of cheeses was developed in the beginning of the previous century in Krasnoshchekovskiy, Kalmanskiy, Sovetskiy districts of the region.

In twenties there was a fall in production of cheeses and it almost came to naught. The next rise happened because of the works of Dmitriy Anatolievich Granikov. In 1931 there was born a new technology and new "Sovetskiy". In 2011 the cheese had its 80 th anniversary. Since the beginning of the XXI century Altai Kray is called cheese-making again. Essentially increased the volume and the range of cheeses. Since 2005 the region has occupied the first place in the country in the production of rennet cheeses.


The king of cheeses, the cheese "Emmental'skiy" appeared because of "Swiss" cheese. The formulation of Altai product is the basis of the cheese "Swiss". Because the cheese of such a high quality can be produced only in Swiss Alpes or foothill zone of Altai Kray.

New Technologies

Recently the branch of cheese industry underwent qualitative transformations. At cheese-making enterprises of Altai Kray are used the most progressive technologies. The whole branch underwent radical reconstruction. At enterprises there are used the latest technologies with the elements of  nanotechnologies:  industrial robots work there. Labour of those who devoted themselves  to cheese industry ceased to be heavy and exhausting. Nowadays it is highly productive industrial labour of contemporary person of the XXI century.

Cheese Village

54 enterprises in Altai Kray are involved in the production of cheese. The range of cheeses is constantly renewed and today there are more than 30 denominations. In Krasnogorskiy district soon there will appear "Syrnaya Derevnya"("Cheese Village") in the style of the 18 th century. In the project there will be included a unique "Syrniy Marshrut"("Cheese Route") for tourists, which started its functioning in July of the current year. The main point of it - the visiting of CJSC "Karaguzhinskiy Butter and Cheese Factory" with tasting of cheeses such as "Karaguzhinskiy", "Sovetskiy" and "Swiss".