Goodwill Ambassadors Of China

Chinese delegation visited Altai Kray on July 2013, which was organized during the years of tourism in Russia and China. The delegation had been there for 5 days and during this time according to the words of guests from Chinese People's Republic, it has been possible to see a lot of tourist's objects in order to have the idea of the region. They saw cultural and hostoric heritage  and saw the most beautiful places of Altai Kray, tried local food. By the way the guests bought not only traditional souvenirs, but also Altai production in order to cook those things they tried here, cheese cakes, curd baked pudding, bliny.

Big impression on the guests was produced by Altaiskiy district. Chinese guests visited "Natural park Aya", where there is an opportunity to bath in lake, and also the monument to Nikolay Rerikh, where opens picturesque view on the river Katun'. The artist Van Mey before this time never had heard about Rerikh, he said that certainly he will study his works. According to the words of the artist he was brought up in province Kheyluntszyan', not far from Kharbin, that is why there are still preserved a lot of Russian traditions. "I always wanted to be closer to Russian culture, Russian people and I am very glad that I have such opportunity. Also being here I think what I will tell my friends, what places I will recommend to visit, of course I would like to return.

All guests on arriving at "Biruzovaya Katun'" mentioned how good the place is for developing of tourism and they will recommend it to their friends. In Smolenskiy district on "Konniy dvor" took place the excursion through stud-farm, after it in spite of rainy weather the guests rode horses with great pleasure.

But the main thing the guests discussed were cleanness of the air, beauty of nature and hospitality of people. One more pleasant addition to trips through the region is tasty and useful food, which is also a heavy argument for potential Chinese tourist, mentined the guests. Also the opportunity to pick berries, ambassadors made it with a great pleasure travelling through Altai.

Li tszyan', the famous Chinese musician  repeatedly told in his appraisals that Altai Kray is very good for creative people. "Here are a lot of places, which are sources of inspiration. Altai Kray gave me a lot of different emotions during the communication with people and nature, which in time will be expressed in some works"

According to the Minister Counsellor of Embassy of Russian Federation in Chinese People's Republic Evgeniya Tomikhina, at present time Russia and China actively collaborate including the sphere of tourism "We think that the development of people's diplomacy last but not least than official. And when there was made the decision about the realization of the Year of Russian-Chinese Tourism and suggested participation for recognizable people, who can sufficiently and emotionally tell about what they saw  "

These are figures of art, sportsmen, musicians, i.e. people, who are known and whose opinions are important." Ambassadors liked the trip to Altai Kray mentioned Evgeniy Tomikhin. They were vividly interested in history and the culture of the region, but certainly which bribes Chinese tourist more are exceptional beauty of nature, fresh air with good level of service and valuable price on services and different goods. They are repeatedly told about it. It is also important that products, balsams, creams are made of local raw materials which are very valuable in China, told  Minister Counsellor.

Year Of Russian Tourism
Years of tourism between Russia and China are held  by the decision of managers of two countries in 2012-2013. There were more than 200 different events in the limits of The Year of Russian Tourism in China in 2012 the events were held by interested organizations, companies, the regions of two countries. During the visit through the region ambassadors got acquianted with cultural and tourist's recreational potential of Altai Kray.

They visited the Altai State Memorial Museum of Pilot-Cosmonaut G.S.Titov, the All-Russian Memorial Reserve of V.M. Shukshin, they will be acquianted with cultural heritage of Biysk, visit town-resort of federal significance Belokurikha and special economic zone of tourist's recreational type "Biruzovaya Katun'"

The ambassador of Russian tourism Li Tszyan', popular singer, composer, musician with his wie Men Ley, artist Van Mey and his wife L'yu Chun'fen, who works in Chinese national Gallery were in the membership of delegation . All of them agreed to take part in the project and tell about modern Russia.