Beijing-Paris Rally

Beijin – Paris rally will take place in Altai in 2016 again. This decision was made in 2013 by the participants of the race in 2013 when the team from Barnaul got the third prize in the race. Barnaul team had the chance to participate in the rally due to the region governor’s grant in the sphere of tourism as well as due to the financial support from the organizers of the rally.

It is important to emphasize the value of such events for the region because automobile tourism is considered to be one of the most perspective kinds of tourism in Altai. First of all, the image and stereotypes about Russia are changing and participants share interesting news and pictures of Russia in their blogs. For example, several people were so amazed by the beauty of the region that they plan to come back to Altai as tourists. Second, it gives such type of tourism as automobile tourism an opportunity to develop and prosper. The region has good facilities for it especially when the price for flight is rather high. In addition, the number of car buyers is increasing with each year and more and more people prefer to travel by their own car because it is cheap and comfortable.

Sergey Pospelov, Head Of Altai Federation Of Motorsports
-We are pleased that the members of the rally wanted to drive through the territory of Altai Kray once again. This suggests that they noticed that infrastructure in the region changes quickly for better: the quality of the roads and roadside service, hotels, food. Moreover all the requests are taken in consideration, for instance, with regard to indicators in english along highwaysand special symbols for tourists.
First Time-Third Place

Retroautomobiles started in 28 May 2013 in Beijing. 96 companies from 21 countries of the world took part in the events. The company of Altai Federation of automobile sport or the first time presented Russia in this rally and took third place. The members traveled by cars more than 12 000 km in 33 days through the roads of China, Mongolia, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland and finished on 29 June in France.