Visit Of Graduates Of Lozanskaya Hotel Management School

The delegation of the graduates of Lozanskaya School of Hotel Managment arrived in Altai Kray in July 2013. The guests observed several hotels of Barnaul, Belokurkha, visited tourist's objects of the region. Also in the limits of the visit there was series of free of charge seminars, which took part in Belokurikha and Barnaul. After the work foreign specialists presented their recommendations of improving the hotel complex.

One of the first was observed the hotel "Barnaul". The guests were accompanied by Sergey Voronov, who is the head of the Board of Directors of Barnaul hotels. He told that the pecularity of the development of hotel business of Altai Kray and Barnaul is in its depending on the realization of different events: forums, symposiums, conferences and so on. "We are glad that during the last years the attitude of regional goverment to tourist's business changed greatly to better". With each year we see noticeable shifts in this direction. Importantly is that such notion as hotel business appeared and fixed. Ponderable confirmaton of it is the arrival of the delegation of the students of Lozanskaya school".

The graduates of the school shared their impressions of Altai Kray and the visit to hotel "Barnaul". Yasin Munshi (Switzerland) arrived in Russia for the first time and also sees a separate base of Russia  for the first time."My first impression of the hotel and regions in general- very hospitable and warm welcome of organizers, concerning hotels it is not what we used to see in Europe. Here are a lot of red, gold, luxury what is unusual for us. That is why it is interesting for us to see, study and suppose interior decisions which are actual today"

Iris Stadler (Switzerland): "This is the first time I see the difference between Russian hotels. At the moment I see no big difference from Switzerland. As it was said there are a lot of red and gold but I was ready for it. In general Russia for me opens in a particular way, especially because I worked exactly at this project of Altai Kray and I have definite conception about your region"

Veronica Waldhausen (Germany) at the moment is an employee of London company, which is occupied with merit rating of hotel management. "The things I saw in this hotel surpassed my expectations. And the first recommendation - it is neccessary to modernize the site of your hotel, there are introduced outdated information about hotel room capacity"

Concerning technical services of hotels, this problem exists in Europe: if the equipment works even if it is outdated it is not changed. I saw that Altai Kray is a wonderful region very interesting for tourists. It should be more accessible concerning transport. Besides  I got visa very fast it is great that Russia is open for everybody". According to her there are no stereotypes about bears in Russia now, but it would be great more Russians to speak English. She also mentioned that it is important to attract international partners in oder to make hotels' nets, but to preserve local colouring.

Graduates met with the first pro-rector by educational activities of Altai State University Evgeniy Anichkin. During the meeting they exchanged the information in the sphere of educational process of tourist's specialities. So Jean-Claude Morand the professor of Lozanskaya school of hotel management (EHL), told that the separate school in Lozann is the oldest in Europe it is more than 100 years old. During this time there were graduated more than 25 thousands specialists of hotel business half of whom are the Swiss, and other are from different countries of the world. 56% of graduates work in a separate sphere, other in the sphere of management.

"In the education we use scientific approach and also foster in students the art of hospitality, corresponding communicative skills and behavior ". Also Altai State University was presented to Swiss guests. In the end of the meeting they discussed the opportunities of interaction between educational institutions in the sphere of tourist's education.

Members-Authors Of Best Projects

According to the manager of program "Shchelkoviy put'"( Silk Way) the representatives of World-wide tourist's organization Alla Peresolova in the previous year Lozanskaya school together with World-wide tourist's organization realized unique project. "The students of the last year of study EHL worked out strategies of the development of sector of tourism for ten countries situated along Silk way"

Among them are Turkey, Mongolia, China and others. Altai Krai represented Russia. The best projects had the opportunity to drive to the regions, which were invesigated by them and to assess the state of hotel complex, to present marketing offer.

Of course, our visit happened because of the support of Altai Kray Administration. We are glad to assist the development of tourist's branch and hotel business in your wonderful region.

Besides according to Alla Peresolova joint interuniversity work is also neccessary. Altai students will get invaluable experience taking part in valuation of the hotel complex of the region together with Swiss graduates.