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  • Photo Vyacheslav Kirichuk

Tourist's Region Altai. Cherchez La Femme!

8 of March - the day when everybody congradulates women and remembers the greatest representatives of the fair sex. As mountains raise above plains the names of famous sportswomen, scientists, toilers of towns and villages. Altai Kray prouds of them. But there are women whose names are forgotten or unknown at all. They became legends, they dissolved in the names of rivers, lakes, turned into bright points at tourist's map of the region.

1. Find Of Denisov's Cave. Girl.

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Photo V.Kirichuk

Long ago on the lands where now Soloneshenskiy district of Altai Kray is situated there lived a girl. It was thousands of years ago. She lived with her big family in a cave, which now is called Denisov's. In 2008 Russian scientists made a great discovery: they found here the remains of ancient people, including four years old girl. The discovery of Denisov's cave changed a lot fixed notions of human history.

Earlier it was considered  that the settling of ancientpeople in Altai was impossible earlier than 50-30 years B.C.E. Owing to the finds there are no doubts that it happened thousands of years ago. To be exact ancient people started to live in Denisov's cave about 280 thousands years ago. The archaeologists discovered in the cave unknown earlier type of people and gave them the name Homo sapiens altaiensis-Altai man (it is also called Denisov's man)

2. Obstinate Katun'. Young lady.

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In Autumn Katun' Is Of Turquoise
Katun' In Winter

The symbol of impudent unruly girl became a great river Altai-the Katun'. It rages and boils in the beginning of its way as a rebellious teenager. Overcoming obstacles, jumping over boulders and rapids, it rushes forward to unknown aim. But in the end of the way there is an event which happens to every girl - the meeting with lovely person. So legend says and it is the truth of life. Stormy Katun' joins the Biya and gives the birth to powerful and beautiful Ob'.

The Katun' as it is peculiar to every girl, is notable for constant inconstacy. Grey, muddy in spring, it becomes clear and emerald in autumn. The secret of metamorphosis is in its ... nutrition. In spring and summer the Katun' feeds at the expense of rains, melting of snow and glaciers. The water becomes grey, muddy, of turquoise color and almost invisible. In autumn and winter it feeds with clear ground waters.

3.Buxom Golden Goddess. Woman.

Золотая Баба у этнографического музея_318.jpgУ музея в Уикэнд ПАРКЕ_318.jpg
Idol Of Golden Woman In Ethnical Park "Legenda"

The idol of Golden Woman  is established in ethnical park "Legenda" in Biyskiy district of Altai Kray. According to the legend , Golden woman is the mother of everything alive, patroness of children, Goddess of fertility, wealth and family. It is buxom, majestic statue, the hymn to motherhood and body. Thousand years people bowed to similar idols, women dreamt of such beauty, men of such women.

There is a sign when newly married couple touched Golden woman got her patronage  and their family will be solid and rich, children will be healthy, clever and beautiful.

4. Quarrelsome Khan Tavda. Old Woman.

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Tavdinskie Caves In "Biruzovaya Katun'"

There is a legend that long ago in this area there lived Khan Tavda. She was a greedy person and miser, fleeced people. Noobody knew where she kept all the property. Lots of goods were transported and brought to her and everything disappeared without leaving a trace. Those who did not pay were threatened to take away their children.

Once young husband with his wife appeared in these areas and decided to laugh at Tavda and to teach her a lesson. They came with a jug and fishing net. They promised that she will be able to scoop up a lot of drink with that jug without bottom and she will catch all the fish with that net with a lot of holes. Khan was angry and transformed the wags into lake and river. And from anger stamped so hard that came down the ground. On that place where it happened there are two enteries in the caves. People found nets, jug and etc. and gave the name to the caves- Tavdinskie caves.

Four Seasons Of Life: Girl, Young Lady, Woman, Old Woman. Four Tourist's Seasons.

Tourism in Altai Kray is inseparable from its history, legends, people's stories. Inquisitive traveller always finds more than just beautiful nature. Trip is like a woman fascinates and draws only those who aspire to cognize, see and win!

The information was prepared by Evgeniya Maltseva