Guests From Bulgaria Write Book About Soldier Alesha

The representatives from Bulgaria visited Altai Kray in september 2013. The main aim of working group-the collecting of information for writing of the book about Aleksey Skurlatov and the acquaintance with tourist's potential of the region. The represantatives from Bulgaria met with the substitute of the governor of Altai Kray, the head of the Main Administration of Economics and Investments Michael Shchetinin and the head of the Administration of Altai Kray of Development of Tourist's Recreational and Health Center Complexes Yuriy Zakharov. During the meeting they discussed the questions of writing the book about the prototype of famous monument "Alesha", ande also the development of interaction in tourist's sphere.

Michael Shchetinin mentioned that the book should tell not simply about a man of difficult and unusual, but at the same time heroic fate, but also about two countries Russia and Bulgaria, about things which connect us. "Many people know about the monument "Alesha"", but not everybody knows that its prototype is our countryman Aleksey Skurlatov. We are ready to support and provide with the materials. It is joint interesting creative job. More than that in Russia and Bulgaria similar editions were absent, that is why such books in their country are rare.

As Albena Metodieva told the decision about the writing of the book was made in April 2012 "We thought over the idea, tried to find the best author for the book. We suppose that such a good idea should be realized with dignity" Sonya Aleksieva not only publicist but photographer. According to her she had had the experience of writing of such  editions-the book was published  with Chinese collegues. Moreover, Altai journalist Natalia Sokhareva will take part in writing the book, she has been studying this topc for a long period of time.  It is expected that the book will be illustrated with beautiful views of Altai Kray and Bulgaria, also there will be presented archive materials.

During the meeting there were discussed the topics of cultural-tourist's sphere. According to Sonya Aleksieva, who is the teacher of tourism in Bulgaria, she would like to get the informationabout the development of tourism in Altai Kray, resorts, tourist's objects in order to inform the inhabitants of Bulgaria. Also it is important to adjust the interaction and exchange the experience in the sphere of educational tourism.

In her turn Albena Metodieva mentioned that in March of this year Altai Kray signed the memorandum about the collaboration in the sphere of tourism with Bulgaria in the limits of intercultural tourist's exhibition "Inturmarket-2013". Among other things it is discussed the variants of tourist's groups exchange. Specialists shared their ideas concerning the attraction to each other. "The edition of the book, and also the number of publications which will appear in Bulgarian and Altai press, will be conductive to the increase of the tourist's  interest of our countries to each other " - summarized Albena Metodieva.

Prototype Of Famous Monument To Soviet Soldier Alesha

Aleksey Skurlatov was a prototype of the monument to soviet soldier in Bulgarian Plovdiv. Exactly about this monument was written a song "Alesha" the composer Edward Kolmanovskiy and the poet Konstantin Vanshenkin. There was built a new school to the 75th anniversary of Altai Kray in Nalobikha by governor's program "75×75" , in which "The Museum to the Soldier" in honor of legendary Aleksey Skurlatov.

P.S. Aleksey Skurlatov died in November 2013. The book about soviet soldier as a song made his feat immortal.