Festival of Memory Evdokimov

Festival takes place in homeland of the artist in village Verkh-Obskoe. The holiday includes sport's competitions in football and volleyball, evening parties of songs and verse. "And it is all about him", concert of the laureates of Interregional Festival of Peoples Creative Work and Sport of Honoured Artist of Russia Michael Evdokimov "Zemlyaki"( Compatriots) including Russian pop stars.

 The memorial Museum of Michael Evdokimov was opened in Altai Kray on 6 December of 2012- on the day of 55 anniversary of our famous compatriot. The reconstruction of the House of Culture in Verkh-Obskoe and the creation in this building of the memorial museum took part in the limits of regional investment programs of 2012. For bringing order to Center of Culture and Sport, which includes the House of Culture, model library and the memorial museum.