For tourism 2014 year was bright, different, unpredictable. Altai Kray conducted a lot of forums and holidays, met guests, fighted with flood, created new projects, and all of these was connected with real events and people. So, results of outgoing tourist 2014 year according to informational portal
Events Of Year. Forum VISIT ALTAI

International tourist forum VISIT ALTAI took place in Altai Kray since 28 April to 1 May. Then the limits of the forum there were exhibitions "Altaitour. AltaiResort", holiday "Flowering Mara'nik", Siberian congress of guides,creative competetions. International youth scientific-practical conference, press-tours. More than 3000 people took part in the forum in Kazakhstan, Mongolia and different regions of Russia.

Overcoming Of Year. Flood In Altai 

The beginning of summer season of 2014 was very difficult for tourism. Warm April gave big expectancies, but unprecedented flood washed out not only territories, but also perspevtives of the tourist season. Unification of efforts of different departments, tourbusiness, inhabitants of flooded regions gave the opportunity to remove consequences and even, and after it raise demand on rest in Altai Kray. Infrastructure was reestablished very quickly, employees of tourist bases actively removed consequences of the flood, big informational work was made, press-tours were organized, materials were places in mass media, where all the facts were stated and it said that Altai Kray is safe and interesting. By preliminary results Altai Kray in 2014 was visited by not less tourists than in 2013 ( 1 million 600 thousand people)       
ЧЕЛОВЕК ГОДА. Лариса Пастухова 
Man Of Year. Larisa Pastukhova    

This year for the first time the best establishment of the year as named the representative of tourism sphere. On 30 of May when the Directorate of Altai Kray By The Development Of  Enterpreneurship and Market Infrastructure conducted official ceremony of awarding of participants of the contest "The Best Enterpreneur Of 2013", Charishskiy district was flooded, inhabitants of the region fighted with element.. 
Winners were awarded later. Larisa Pastukhova, the host of guest house, - possesor of Altai Kray governor's grant in the sphere of economics toards "Excursional Tourist Object". State support got the project "House-Museum Of Fisherman". Today the guest house of Pastukhovs informs about unprecedented growth of the number of tourists in winter season and capacity of 100 %.

VISIT OF YEAR. Program "Ide Against Food"    

In 2014 year Altai Kray became the territory of attraction of many journalists and bloggers. Members of expedition "Rossiya" headed by Sergey Dolya visited us,also camera crew of the channel "Euronews" and Alla Mikheeva the correspondent of the program "Vecherniy Urgant"
But the brightest, the longest and the most interesting was the visit of the program "Yaz' Protiv Edy" (Ide Against Food). The camera crew of the channel "Rossiya 2" came in Altai Kray on 7 of August and travelled through the region during five days. Viktor YAZ' Goncharenko whipped up butter on raft, made cheese, ate earthworm, slept on beehives. These and other stories, which happened to him in Altai, he told to audience.

DISCOVER OF YEAR. Lake Schekulduk    

  Saline lakes of Altai Kray - popular tourist area. But more often question is in a key question of the region-Yarovoe lake. Yarovoe is an anchor attracting people. But north-west has other places in its collection, which now are developed tourist territories. Jne of them is lake Schukulduk and its tourist health-improving complex "Bukhta Udachi", which is situated in Kulundinskiy district. "Bukhta Udachi" is included in a route of press tour for mass of Siberian Federal Okrug and got the best comments of journalists. At expert-economical council of Altai Kray, which was in summer 2014, together with governor Alexander Karlin, positive experience of development in tourism was noted.

  IDEA OF YEAR. Sport Pelmening


This year Biysk surprised the whole Altai Kray and other regions of Russia. Sport pelmening- idea which firstly was just fun and than found supporters and was realized in a form of Championship In Pelmening. On 19 November three enterprises of Biysk competed in mastership of making pelmeni. Team of professionals made 3975 pelmenis, and the weight of the smallest one was less than 0, 28 grams. Ideological inspirer and organizer of competitions-Ruslan Emel'yanov, the head of marketing department and tourism of the Administration of town Biysk.

   Début Of Year. Altai Wintering

Wonderful début of 2014 year became holiday "Altay Wintering". It was held for the first time, opened winter tourist season and gathered about 10 thousand people- tourists, sportsmen, scientists, masters, photographers, bloggers from different corners of Altai Kray and Russia. It was a big holiday, which was created but inhabitants of the region for themselves and for guests. 

   "Altai Wintering" showed all the variety of winter rest in Altai, got acquainted tourists with unique warm lake Svetloye, where swans live in winter. The holiday attracted attention of the public to ecological tourism,  necessity of ecological enlightenment and development of organized tourism in specially guarded territories.

  Success Of Year. Altaitourcenter


   Altaitourcenteri is one of the youngest tourist informational centers of Russia, it was created a year ago. In 2014 Altaitourcenter took first place in contest of national premier "Russian Event Awards", and was called the best one among other tourist informational centers of Russia.

   Not so long ago Altaitourcenter entered in noncommercial partnership "National Association Of Informational Tourist Organizations", together with the oldest informational centers of Russia- Kazan', St. Petersburg, Kaluga and other large tourist towns and regions.

  Altaitourcenter-organizer of the largest tourist events in Altai Kray, including forum VISIT ALTAI and holiday "Altai Wintering".
Photo: Valeriy Stepanuk, Svetlana Kazina, Vera Sal'nikova, Sergey Luk'yantsev.

Altay region

Geographische Lage der Altai Region

Die Altai Region liegt im Südosten des westlichen Sibiriens an der Grenze des Kontinentalasiens und 3419 Kilometer weit von Moskau entfernt. Die Fläche der Altai Region beträgt 168 000 km².

Interessante Informationen

Die Altai Region ist durch ihre mannigfaltige Landschaften bekannt. Im Norden und im Westen breiten sich die endlosen Steppen. An südlichen Grenzen nimmt seinen Anfang der einzigartige Streifenwald. Im Norden türmen sich die majestätischen Berge des Altai.



In der Altai Region herrscht gemäßigt kontinentales Klima, das in Folge der häufigen Änderungen der Luftmassen gebildet wurde.

Interessante Informationen

Die Jahreszeiten der Altai Region sind nicht vorhersagbar. Im Sommer steht am Morgen Nebel, am Mittag herrscht Hitze und in der Nacht kommt ein Gewitter.


Der Schnee bedeckt den Boden erst Mitte November und fängt an zu schmelzen Anfang April. Die Niederschlagsmenge beträgt 40-60 cm.

Interessante Informationen

Der Winter im Altai dauert eine lange Zeit und bringt viel Schnee und strenge Fröste. Eines Winters bauen die Kinder kleine und große Schneemänner überall,  und anderes Winters ist der Boden mit Schnee kaum bedeckt. Aber jeden Winter fahren alle Ski, laufen Schlittschuhe oder rodeln.

Health and Beauty

Die Flora der Altairegion zählt 1184 Arten von Pflanzen, darunter mehr als 100 Heilpflanzen, deren Verwendung in Medizin offiziell erlaubt ist.

Das sind: Rosenwurzel,  Maralwurzel,  Süßklee,  Nord-ostasiatische Pfingstrose,  Echtes Süßholz u.s.w.  Es gibt auch solche Heilpflanzen, deren Kultur zu kompliziert ist und deren Naturvorräte die einzige Quelle der Rohstoffe für Heilmittelproduktion darstellen. Das sind Adonisröschen, Preiselbeere, Sumpfcalmus, Nuphar lutea.