Belovod'ye Country

Belovod'ye is a legendary country of Russian traditions. The country of freedom, equality, prosperity. The place where the beauty of the world and the depth of human existence. Just men live here, wise rules govern here, there is no boyar and sovereign pressure. Only good people can get into it.

It is believed that the legend appeared in the 18th century during migration times, escape from persecutions- Old Believers' Communities. There were even guide books describing the way to Belovd'ye. Fabulous country got real area in the 19th century-in the Katun' valley.

Nikolay Rerikh, famous thinker, artist, writer, considered that the legend was born in Altai and it was connected with budhists legends about Fenugreek.


Altai Kray is called a wonderful country by many people: both, those who were born and lived here and those who travelled here.

"My dear Altai, wonderful Siberian region! I imagine you in winter dress, in snowdrifts when boundless distance shines with thousands of sun sparkles, in impetuous spring flowering of gardens, unique fantstic autumn colors. Altai is beautiful, its nature is miraculous: winter is winter, summer is summer with all its beauty and pecularities! There is no halfs of seasons, they are full, everything is given to people in its whole beauty. "

German Titov. Soviet cosmonaut, the second Soviet man in space, the youngest cosmonaut in history.