Altai Kray. Three Legends About Love

Altai Region. Three Legends About Love

The nature of Altai is a chronicle where time writes stories of love. Mountains, rivers, lakes keep people’s secrets, which others try to uncover. There is no Dunkina Groove in Barnaul, for example, but there are legends about pathetic love. So, here are three educational legends about those, who lived and loved then.

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First Story: Lovers Should Not Be Late For Their Dates

Once upon a time there lived a poor young man and a girl from a rich family. When they met, they immediately fell in love with each other. Sure enough, the girl’s father was against their love. But the feelings were so strong that the beloved neglected their parents’ will and decided to run away. They agreed to meet on a high rock at the sunset and if one of them did not come, that would mean the end of everything. The girl was waiting for her beloved one for an hour, but he was late. She cried so much that her tears created a big lake beside her feet. The man still did not come, and she drowned herself in the lake. The man came later and could not stand a loss, so he jumped off the rock into the lake too. This warm lake which keeps the secret of two loving hearts exists even today. It is called Aya.

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Second Story: Those Running Away, Will Run Forever

Rich fathers are always against poor sons-in-law and cruelly punish their disobedient daughters if they decide to marry them. Not only the lake Aya, but the river Ob as well can prove that. The Ob is the product of forbidden love between a poor shepherd Biy and chagans’ daughter Katyng. Many years ago they ran away from their parents being followed by warrior heroes. The lovers met not far away from Byisk, but the father reached them and punished all the members of the escape. So, he turned them into two rivers and the warriors were turned into rocks. Two lovers are still running towards each other and the confluence of their rivers forms the Ob – the place which has been considered sacred since ancient times.


Third Story: Old Men Should Not Marry Young Women

One of the most famous legends in Barnaul is a story about a Blue Woman – an unhappy young woman who was cruelly punished by her jealous husband. The legend was retold by a writer Mark Judalevich. The action took place in the building where now city administration works, but at the beginning of the 19th century there lived a head of Kolyvano-Voznesenskiy Mining Enterprise. He was an old man and decided to marry a young woman. It was not surprising that during different balls and banquets the man felt sad and lonely, and the woman was having fun. On one of the banquets the lady danced with a young engineer; the husband became very jealous and forcibly placed his wife on the ground floor of the house and ordered to brick her up alive. They say that her soul is still dancing waltz in the old house.


Robert Rozhdestvenskiy,  our countryman, created a wonderul poem, consolidating that there is no way to live without love, and if there is some way-it is not life.

Love Will Come To You

Love will come to you
In winter or in spring
You will meet it accidentally
And immediatly faster
Will twist the globe
And suddenly will life begin

Love will come to you also
And it will be serious
It will be written by itself like a story
I wish hot words
I wish shining tears
Do not be afraid of these tears, do not be afraid..

Love will come to you also
High, high up
And lightning will flash above you
How difficult it will be for you
How easy it will be
It is impossible to bring it into language

Love will come to you also
But if in haughty manner
You used to make fun of it
It means on the earth
You have not live so far
And I feel sorry for you from the heart
Love will come to you also!....