Antlers - Strength, Youth, Health

Antlers are called elixir of youth and elixir of life in folk medicine. They had been used by people for a long period of time. They helped to rehabilitate forces and health, put off old age.

Antlers stag breeding appeared in Russia many years ago, but it was especially popular in Altai. Tens of stag breeding farms are situated in foothills of Altai Kray, the most popular of them are in Altaskiy, Charyshskiy and Soloneshenskiy districts.  Almost all large stag breeding farms are all-the-year-round bases, hotels and health recovering complexes.


Health center “Basargino” is located in the picturesque corner surrounded by mountains. The geographical proximity to famous places (Aya Lake, 40 km) is combined with a solitariness and peacefulness from noisy tourist districts. Health programs are the main part of the rest there. Tourists also have an access to developed infrastructure – horse riding school, horse riding trips, sauna, study room, playgrounds, and leisure center. And of course, tourists can watch Siberian stags there: the process of their breeding differs from other forms of animal breeding because antlers are kept on big territories, enclosed by a net.

Altai Kray, Altaiskiy district, village Basargino, the Cheremshanka valley


Siberian stag breeding farm “Nikolskoye” is also situated in the mountainous area with wild and almost uninhabited nature. Apart from health treatment and antlers baths, tourists can go on horse riding trips or fishing. There is also a ski lift where you can rent all the necessary equipment and other services. The complex is located in 130 km from Biysk.

Altaiskiy district, Altai Kray, not far from village Nikolskoye (130 km from Biysk)


Health complex “Kaimskoye” is open for tourists the whole year. It is situated in the valley of a mountain river Kaumcha. Tourists can watch Siberian stags at nearby.

There are different accommodation facilities for tourists – from economy to VIP class. The first clients of “Kaimskoye” were a newly-married couple, so the house where they lived is still called the “house of newly-married”. They say, it brings luck to couples.

Houses and the hotel are built from wood. It is important to mention that all stag breeding farms have an eco approach to the organization of living, eating and relaxing of their tourists on the territory.

The complex is located 9 km from Kayancha village and 17 km from the Aya bridge.


“Sentelek” – is one of the first health centers using antlers. Modern technologies allow the complex to operate all year round. Russian president Vladimir Putin was greatly impressed by the complex during his visit in 2003.


“Topolinskiy” – is a Siberian stag breeding farm with a developed infrastructure. The complex operates the whole year round and provides massages, yoga, and health treatment using antlers products. However, antlers baths can be taken only from spring till late fall. An excursion house was built in the complex last year – it is so-called a “hut on the chicken legs”. In winter tourists can sledge, ride horses, hunt, go to the sauna or go fishing.

The complex is located in Soloneshenskiy district.

What Tourists Can Expect?
Health centers suggest different services, the main of them are antlers baths, envelopment, applications, masks, different types of massage, baths, saunas, hydromassages, phyto barrels.

Considerable attention is paid to the cuisine:predominantly natural products from own farm are used,in some complexes vegetarian dishes can be prepared by request of persons on vacation. Herbs and balsams of Altai producers are used. Tourists can buy the production from antlers.

On the bases there are some limitations in use of alcohol and smoking. Antlers baths have strong and effective influence on organism, that is why they are incompatible with bad habits.
Medicinal Properties Of Antlers Production
Antlers are horns of male marals covered with young hair, which grow annually in May-June at the place of the old one, which were sheld. Medicament - pantocrine is received from them.

Products of antler maral breeding are used for the production of a great number of biologically active nutrients. The most famous procedure with them is antlers baths.

Antlers baths are recommended in case of depressions, intoxications, radiculitis, diseases of the genitourinary, during the preparation for competitions, for reabilitation of musculoskeletal system, in case of diseases of joint and spine, illnesses of cardiovascular system. The baths are useful after pneumonia, bronchitis, diseases of upper respiritory tract. As any medicinal procedure the use of antlers baths should be adjusted with specialists.