15/10/ 2015

Today of special interest is gastronomy in tourism. Along with the factors such as nature, health improvement, new impressions - for tourists, tasty and healthy, and most significantly - the local cuisine is becoming increasingly important. Altai flour, cereals, meat, cheese, honey, butter, berries, herbs are included in the recipes cooked in sanatoriums, camp sites, cafes and restaurants.

10/10/ 2015

The grand opening of the National Tourist Office of Russia in Germany and Austria was held on October 2 in Berlin. Altai Krai presented its tourist potential along with the other regions of Russia - The Karachay-Cherkess Republic, Kaliningrad Oblast, Lipetsk Oblast and Leningradskaya Oblast.

12/01/ 2015

Presented paintings and articles are made in different techniques. They are traditional as patchwork, network of straw, modelling of loam, sawing and pyrogravure, and new modern technologies, such as paper plastic arts, applique' work of semolina, collage, beads network, applique' work of non-traditional materials.

29/12/ 2014

Cross-country skiing through fairy and wonderful winter taiga, bends on sledges, aflame white snow, clear frosty air, a lot of positive emotions and great supply of vivacity are waiting for guests of tourist centre "Elki".

25/12/ 2014

Big winter holidays-time to rest, see new places, spend first ten days of January with fun and use. Altai Kray is a wonderful choice for winter rest, here one can find places for any case. Noisy modern skiing resorts, solitary rural guest houses, unique excursion objects-creations of nature and wonderful creations of people.

Belovod'ye Country

The route to the country of fertility and juctice passes through Altai. Nikolay Rerikh and Vyacheslav Shishkov told about Belovod'ye. The place where the beauty of the world and the depth of human existence. Just men live here, wise rules govern here, there is no boyar and sovereign pressure. Only good people can get into it.

Taste Travelling Through Altai
Nature, food traditions, hospitality-are the basis of gastronomic tourism in Altai Kray. Tourists are always interested in cuisine and products of the country they visit. Natural products and dishes is a modern tendency nowadays. One can find all of these things in Altai...
Winter Rest In Altai
Winter rest in Altai is for those who like motion, snow and frost. Altai Kray will find how to surprise tourists even in winter. Skiing, sledging and travelling on horses...