Altay region produces nearly half a million tons of milk a year and a half of milk is used as raw materials in industry syrodelcheskoy. Every sixth head cheese made ​​in Russia in the Altai region, and throughout the year in the region for every Russian is available for a pound of this product.

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Find In Denisov's Cave - Altai Human
The remains of previously unknown species of ancient people in Denisov's cave located in the Altai Territory , in 2008 found the remains of previously unknown species of ancient people. Phalanx and few teeth .

The study found mothers , scientists have determined that the child belonged to the phalanx , girl. And some teeth - an adult male. Researchers believe that the remains date from the period 50-45 thousand years ago.

Denisovsky man structurally closer to the Neanderthal DNA than to other types of homo. In Eurasia , there were two archaic species - Neanderthals in western Eurasia and " denisovtsy " - in the east . Habitat Homo sapiens altaiensis partially overlaps with the habitat of Neanderthals and modern humans. About 2.5 % Neanderthal genes found in European and other cultures . Denisovtsy left 4-6% of their genes in the genomes of modern Melanesians , so somewhere in the world go far - distant relatives Denisovskoe people.

Denisovtsy left evidence of a high level of culture, far ahead of his contemporaries. The cave found the bracelet and ring carved using techniques characteristic of much later stages of human development.